Unlock New 2024 Features on Parkview MyChart Portal for a Better Patient Experience

Parkview Mychart brings new features in Spring 2024 through new updates. Patients will experience new features and improved experiences after logging into their accounts.

Parkview Health shared this information through their social media handle X (formerly Twitter)1. Parkview Health shared…

Spring brings fresh updates to MyChart. Check out the latest features, from linking your health plan account to tracking your child’s growth chart and more! https://bit.ly/4bGGgts


As per the tweet, patients are now able to link their health plan to their Mychart account and keep track of that through a single login. Patients can also track their child’s growth chart through their Mychart account.

Let’s check out what features are added through the new update.

New Parkview Mychart Updates

There are several new features added by the EPIC that patient can check through their account. Parkview Health has shared a blog post2 on their official website including important features that were recently added. We are summarizing all the new features below.

Patients can now link their healthcare accounts with other providers to the Parkview Mychart account. It is possible that you have been seen by more than one healthcare provider. In this case, managing different accounts through logging in to different portals is not an easy way to manage your health.

Parkview Mychart allows patients to connect their medical records from different organizations and access the required information after logging in to their Parkview Mychart account.

There is no need to log in to multiple accounts. To link other accounts, log in to Parkview Mychart and visit the “Link My Accounts” section through the menu.

Patients can also share their Parkview Mychart health records with other healthcare providers through MyChart ShareEverywhere to access their information whenever required.

School health report:

Schools need children’s health reports to ensure that all the students are healthy and able to study in the classroom. To help parents, EPIC has introduced a new feature that helps to print a kid’s health report through the Parkview Mychart account. Parents can print the information below in a summary report.

  • Allergies
  • Current medications
  • Current immunizations
  • Health issues
  • Care team list
  • Basic demographic information
School health report in Parkview Mychart

To access the report, log in to Parkview Mychart and look for School Health Summary at the bottom of the homepage, under Explore More, or at the bottom of the Sharing Hub.

Children Growth Chart:

Children’s growth charts are also available now in the Mychart to keep track of the growth of the children. These are interactive charts that share current trends and percentiles.

Growth chart feature in Parkview Mychart
Image source: Parkview Health

You can check the date of the recordings, the child’s age, etc. To access, log in to Parkview Mychart and access the Growth Chart through the Mychart menu and find out the current growth of your little one.

New time range for wait times

The patient can now access a new feature ‘Wait Times’ in their Parkview Mychart and find the expected wait time for their appointment.

It helps patients manage their appointment schedule for the Parkview Walk-In Clinics, Labs, X-rays, EKG, and Emergency Departments.

To access the wait time feature, patients can log in to their Mychart account and check ‘On My Way‘ near the top of the MyChart menu.

Billing badges

Different types of badges have been introduced in the billing module of the Parkview Mychart portal. Patients will now see more information about their billing through these badges.

Billing Badges in Parkview Mychart
Image source: Parkview Health

Patients will see colorful badges that show account status such as paid, outstanding, or on a payment plan. It helps patients to keep track of the exact account status.


Parkview Mychart Login:

To access all the new and existing features, patients need to log in to their accounts. If patients already have their Mychart account activated then they can log in directly to the official website or through the Mychart mobile app.

Login through the official website:

  • Visit the Parkview Mychart login page.
  • Enter Mychart username and password in the login form.
  • Press the Sign In button to access your account.

Login through the mobile app:

Parkview Health has developed its own health app ‘Parkview Health App’. There is no need to download the Mychart app developed by EPIC. All the Mychart services and features are available in the ‘Parkview Health App’.

Download the Parkview Health mobile app through the official links below.

If the above links are not working then visit the Parkview Health App web page and download the official mobile app.

After downloading the mobile app, you can simply log in by using your Mychart login credentials.

Patient helpline:

For any type of Mychart portal-related help, Parkview Health patients can call the help desk at 1-855-853-0001.

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