Family Health Center Worcester Launching new Patient Portal Mychart in Summer 2024

Family Health Center a Worcester-based healthcare facility in Massachusetts is launching the Mychart patient portal this 2024 Summer. FHCW is already using the patient engagement platform Intelichart.

It’s great news for all patients getting treatment at the Family Health Center healthcare facility. Patients will get a new portal to access different patient-related services online. The new portal is Mychart which was developed by EPIC and is the most popular electronic health record system.

Currently Family Health Center is using the InteliChart patient portal1. InteliChart is a patient engagement platform that provides access to all services through a single API integration. It also allows integration with 40+ leading EHR (Electronic Health Record) solutions including EPIC.

Family Health Center Worcester launching Mychart in Summer 2024

Let’s see if Family Health Center stops using its Intelichart platform once the implementation of Mychart is finished or they will integrate Intelichart with Mychart.

The exact Mychart launch date is not shared by Family Health Center but we can assume the launch is set for June end as Summer starts on 20th June.

Family Health Center shared this news through a tweet from their X handle on May 9, 20242. They said…

Continuing our Countdown to MyChart, today we are highlighting communication capabilities with MyChart!
Connect seamlessly with your care team with MyChart. MyChart offers language options in English and Spanish, ensuring clear and effective communication for FHCW patients…

Family Health Center X handle

An image also has been shared in the tweet including the benefits and features of the Family Health Center Mychart portal.

FHCW again replied to the previous tweet with some features of the Mychart portal3. They said.

Whether it’s scheduling appointments, discussing test results, or seeking medical advice, MyChart facilitates effortless communication from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you may be. Stay tuned as we explore more ways MyChart is revolutionizing healthcare and…

Family Health Center X handle

For more information, patients can visit the FHCW Mychart webpage on the official website. On this page, patients will find the key features and services available to them. They also shared a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the new Mychart portal.

Family Health Center has already shared this news4 through a blog post on their official website. Please check out this news here.


Please contact Family Health Center in case of any queries.

Queen Street (Main Site)
26 Queen Street
Worcester, MA 01610
(508) 860-7700

Frequently Asked Questions

How will patients sign up for a Mychart account?

All patients can sign up for a new account by clicking the sign-up link on the official website. It is a general sign-up process where a healthcare organization shares an invitation code with patients.

In the starting, Family Health Center will share a Mychart joining invitation to all patients including information about how to create a new account. This process will continue for the next several months until all patients get on board the new patient portal.

Can I access MyChart on my phone?

Patients will have mobile access also through the Mychart mobile app. This app is available on the Android and iOS platforms that patients can easily download.

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